Finding Clarity in Uncertainty: A Biblical Perspective on Homeschooling Choices

In the journey of homeschooling, there are moments when uncertainty creeps in, casting shadows of doubt over the educational choices we make for our children. One of the most challenging aspects is navigating the sea of curriculum options and educational approaches, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and unsure. Yet, as believers, we find solace in … Continue reading Finding Clarity in Uncertainty: A Biblical Perspective on Homeschooling Choices

What We Learn When We Read Oedipus Rex

When students (and parents, and even teachers) hear they have to read Oedipus, the only thing that comes into their mind is, “ewwwwwwww…”. While that is certainly an understandable reaction given what most people know about the story, the fact is that Oedipus Rex is one of the best stories to illustrate one of the … Continue reading What We Learn When We Read Oedipus Rex

Teaching Driver’s Education

Visit the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety website for the most current information. Are you teaching your student how to drive? Helping someone get their driver’s license can be intimidating because of all the official steps and rules involved in the process. But you have helped your student learn all sorts of things, and you … Continue reading Teaching Driver’s Education

Managing a Mathitude

Arithmophobia is common in our society. Many adults have been traumatized by their mathematics education, and they accidentally pass those feelings to their children. In reality, math is a set of rules applied systematically. Once those rules are understood, even algebra and calculus aren’t scary. Since people expect math to be hard, it is. Indeed, learning … Continue reading Managing a Mathitude

The Homeschool Meltdown

“What just happened?  School was going really well and suddenly my child is in a puddle on the floor.” If you have been homeschooling for a bit, you’ve probably experienced this drastic turnaround. Your child is frustrated; you are frustrated.  What can you do now? Find the Source of the Frustration Before reacting to an … Continue reading The Homeschool Meltdown

Choosing Curriculum with Donna Smith

Finding the right curriculum can feel overwhelming. Parents have so many questions and worries. What happens if I choose the wrong one? What happens if I leave something out? Donna Smith helps homeschooling moms think through the process of finding what’s right for their family. Who is Donna Smith? Steve and Donna Smith are Oklahoma … Continue reading Choosing Curriculum with Donna Smith

Encouraging Your Young Entrepreneur

You can cultivate an environment that encourages your young entrepreneur, creating an atmosphere of growth. I am the mom of a talented eighteen-year-old baker growing her business, and baking is her passion. I didn’t always think about cultivating an entrepreneurial environment; I had to learn this. I had to recognize God’s grand design to grasp … Continue reading Encouraging Your Young Entrepreneur

Education Changes the World

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~ Nelson Mandela Read that statement again and let it marinate. We tend to think of education as reading, writing, and arithmetic, but education is much more than that. Education influences a child’s worldview, and the subjects taught solidify that worldview as … Continue reading Education Changes the World

God Has Not Called You To Be a ‘Great Homeschooler’

At least, if He HAS called you to that, it is not the first thing He has called you to do.  More importantly, He has called you to be His disciple-er to your child. I remember a conversation I was a part of many years ago in my parents’ home.  A visitor was in the … Continue reading God Has Not Called You To Be a ‘Great Homeschooler’

So, You Are Moving to Oklahoma!

Here’s what you need to get started homeschooling here! First of all, WELCOME! We are glad you’re here! We are Homeschool Oklahoma, and we are here to equip, encourage and inform you on your homeschool journey. We have worked to make our website as helpful and comprehensive as possible, and we invite you to browse … Continue reading So, You Are Moving to Oklahoma!