The Homeschool Meltdown

“What just happened?  School was going really well and suddenly my child is in a puddle on the floor.” If you have been homeschooling for a bit, you’ve probably experienced this drastic turnaround. Your child is frustrated; you are frustrated.  What can you do now? Find the Source of the Frustration Before reacting to an … Continue reading The Homeschool Meltdown

Teaching Younger Elementary Students

How do you get a kid who won’t sit still for five minutes to sit down and learn reading, writing, math, science, and social studies? YOU DON’T. Teaching your young elementary kids can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for smooth and easy days. Learn Through Play Relax, and have fun. When kids are young, … Continue reading Teaching Younger Elementary Students

Philosophies and Methods

Jump to the Methods In the modern world, the realm of education and teaching methods spark controversy in many circles.  Teaching methods can cause rifts in parenting groups, bring control from government institutions, and even kill you!  Don’t believe us?  Take a look at Socrates, who was executed for “corrupting the youth” (teaching his students to … Continue reading Philosophies and Methods

Simple Beauty Europeans: January

Here are the links to our suggestions for beautiful things for January, with a focus on beautiful words, sounds, and places that are old and beautiful and a focus on European artists, composers, and English poets, as well as a classic hymn and some beautiful Bodies of Water. Back to Simple Beauty Page

Simple Beauty Europeans: December

Here are the links to our suggestions for beautiful things for December, with a focus on words, sounds, and places that are old and beautiful. This month, we will study Gainsborough, Schumann, Stevenson, Winter Birds, and “Joy to the World.” Back to Simple Beauty Page