Helpful Resources for Homeschooling Parents

Books on Home Education

Many of these titles are available at your local bookstore or online. This is not a comprehensive list, but it will help you get started.

Books for Children



Look these up in your favorite podcast app! Most were recommended by more than one HSOK member.

  • Read-Aloud Revival (Sarah Mackenzie)
  • Your Morning Basket (Pam Barnhill)
  • Circe Insitute Podcast Network (especially “The Mason Jar”)
  • The Arts of Language (IEW)
  • At Home with Sally and Friends (Sally Clarkson)
  • Wild and Free
  • Simply Charlotte Mason with Sonya Shafer
  • Classical Conversations
  • Brave Writer (Julie Bogart)

Youtube Channels

Social Media Accounts

Online Resources

Free Curriculum

Online learning

Used Curriculum Sites

Used Curriculum Stores

Bibliomania (Tulsa)

The inclusion of these entries does not constitute an endorsement by Homeschool Oklahoma of the program, organization, or tutor.  It is the parent’s responsibility to investigate who will be involved in their children’s education. We encourage parents to thoroughly investigate a potential program and ask for references and talk to others who have used these organizations/persons’ talents.