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Teacher ID Card

This is a file intended for HSOK members only. Please don’t share it. Membership fees are what keep us running. If your friend needs a membership card, please send them this link so he or she can also join: Here is your ID card to print off, laminate, and use: HSOK Teacher ID CardDownload

Ideas for Summer Fun!

Need help for summertime analysis paralysis? Breaks from routine are necessary, and summer offers its own adventures. We’ve got a series of ideas popping up on our social media during June and July, but here’s the whole list at once. Read some great books! Ride a bike with the kids Meet up with friends Make … Continue reading Ideas for Summer Fun!

Closing Out Your School Year

With the arrival of June, many homeschoolers are ready to take a break of some kind. We used to homeschool year-round, but as my kids got older, we’ve fallen into a rhythm of taking a longer break. They want to go to camps and work summer jobs. Their coursework is mostly tied to our co-op, … Continue reading Closing Out Your School Year

The Unexpected Blessing of a School Interrupted

Life does not go as planned.  My homeschool rarely went as planned.  Life happens. This truth would often send me into a bit of a tailspin as I am a planner.  I love lists of goals, short-term and long-term; I love filling in my calendar, and it pains me to mark through a plan that … Continue reading The Unexpected Blessing of a School Interrupted

Aesop for May

Fables are short stories that have a moral. Aesop, who lived in Greece from 640 to 564 BC, gathered many ancient fables into a collection to share with his community. We’ve chosen a few for you this month, and they are linked at Read some or all of them with your students and talk … Continue reading Aesop for May

Life and Times of Latin America

Let’s explore the ancient world. We’ve chosen folk tales, myths, biographies, and documentaries from a few of the many areas of Latin America, and we have maps for you to download and trace or fill in also. Map Study:  Map Study is very simple. Print a map. Label what you can from memory. Look up … Continue reading Life and Times of Latin America