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Simple Beauty for September 2022

Here are the links to our suggestions for beautiful things for September, with a focus on words, sounds, and places that are old and beautiful. We will study European artists and composers, English poets, a classic hymn, and some fascinating jumping creatures.

Grasshoppers and More

Nature study can be as simple as a short walk in the neighborhood or as elaborate as a week in a National Park. Don’t make it hard.  This month, We are going to look for Grasshoppers, Crickets, Katydids, and the Praying Mantis. If you can’t find these critters in your yard, you’ll be able to … Continue reading Grasshoppers and More

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Poetry is a simple thing to enjoy. Pick a poet. Read a poem for the enjoyment of it. Listen to the rhythm of the words. Hear the music in them. We’ve picked a few poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson to share with you this month. Biography Alfred didn’t start out his life as a Lord. He was a … Continue reading Alfred, Lord Tennyson

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Hymns are beautiful truths poetically told, hung on a rhythm, and held in a melody. This makes them memorable. Hymn study is extremely simple. Sing the hymn once a day. We’ve provided you links to different versions to enjoy and a link to download the sheet music for the hymn. Some of this year’s selections … Continue reading A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Franz Joseph Haydn

Composer Study is simple. Pick a composer to listen to over a period of time. Every once in a  while, play a composition by him or her. Listen to it. Think and talk about it. This month, we are listening to compositions by Joseph Haydn.  Biography:   Franz Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer of … Continue reading Franz Joseph Haydn

Diego Velázquez

Picture Study is simple. Look at the picture with your children for a few minutes, and then talk about what you saw. Try to remember as much about the piece as you can. Enjoy the beauty of it. Art is not a chore; it’s a pleasure.  We’ve chosen some works by Diego Velázquez for this … Continue reading Diego Velázquez

Teacher ID Card

This is a file intended for HSOK members only. Please don’t share it. Membership fees are what keep us running. If your friend needs a membership card, please send them this link so he or she can also join: Here is your ID card to print off, laminate, and use: HSOK Teacher ID CardDownload

Ideas for Summer Fun!

Need help for summertime analysis paralysis? Breaks from routine are necessary, and summer offers its own adventures. We’ve got a series of ideas popping up on our social media during June and July, but here’s the whole list at once. Read some great books! Ride a bike with the kids Meet up with friends Make … Continue reading Ideas for Summer Fun!