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Compulsive Comparing Disorder (Jenn Murff)

 “Compulsive Comparing Disorder” is a disease that has plagued our culture, leaving a generation full of envy and discontentment. With the rise of social media, people more than ever are armed with camera phones ready to manage their own brand as they seek to present a perfectly filtered life. This has led to comparing our … Continue reading Compulsive Comparing Disorder (Jenn Murff)

Living Free of Fear and Anxiety (Jenn Murff)

In this next video from the HSOK 2020 Conference, “A Celebration of Family,” Dr. Jenn Muff gives you the tools of encouragement that will help you step off the mountain of fear and into the promises of God.

Tips for Homeschooling Middle School Students

by Andrea Hogue Tip #1: What to Do When Choose the two hardest subjects and do those first. At most, spend one well-spent hour per subject. Don’t do more. Assess why there is work left. Was too much work assigned? Was the student wasting time? Decide: Should homework be assigned? Should your expectations change for … Continue reading Tips for Homeschooling Middle School Students

Surviving Sudden Homeschooling

Kim Ford has graciously offered to let us share her homeschooling tips, especially for those of you thrust into homeschooling for the first time. Kim is a long-time veteran homeschool mom and is currently serving as an Area Manager for the Classical Conversations homeschooling community. Tip 1: Make a Schedule Find a schedule that fits … Continue reading Surviving Sudden Homeschooling

Adding Beauty: Music Appreciation

I’ve had people tell me that “Classical music is boring and pretentious.” I strongly disagree. Actually, when I’ve been told this, I’ve asked, “What classical music have you listened to?” Typically, the person declaring that classical music is boring has rarely listened to it. So, how do we grow a love for this source of … Continue reading Adding Beauty: Music Appreciation

Juggling Home Education with Employment

Andrea Hogue shares with us a series of videos on juggling home education and employment. Teaching your children to be self-sufficient is not only good for you, it’s good for their long-term benefit. Introduction and a Visual Schedule Using a Work Box to Help Students Learn to Self-Govern The Importance of Snack Management in a … Continue reading Juggling Home Education with Employment

Free Lessons for the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you are stuck at home for the COVID-19 outbreak, not only are we here for you, many home education vendors are here for you, too. We all recognize that many of you are not familiar with home education and may need some help with lesson plans and not know where to turn. Because of … Continue reading Free Lessons for the COVID-19 Outbreak

Homeschool Communities Across the Nation Pitch In to Help During COVID-19

Getting started with homeschooling is difficult, and I can only imagine the struggle that parents and students across the nation are engaged in as they are unexpectedly thrust into home education without any preparation. Forbes is calling this “The World’s Homeschooling Moment.” Homeschool organizations across the country have recognized the issue, and are doing what … Continue reading Homeschool Communities Across the Nation Pitch In to Help During COVID-19