John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) was one of 10 children going to a family of Portuguese and German immigrants in Washington DC in 1854. His father played the trombone in the US Marine band and was Sousa’s role model in music study. Sousa learned the violin when he was six.

During Sousa’s lifetime, he spent 20 years as a US Marine, serving in the marine band. He was known as the march king because he composed over 100 marches in addition to concert pieces, 15 operettas, and multiple overtures and suites.

Sousa continued conducting and writing music right up until his death in 1932.

Liberty Bell March
The Thunderer
Washington Post March
Stars and Stripes Forever


Portrait: By National Photo Company Collection – Library of CongressCatalog: url:, Public Domain,

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