First Steps to Home Education

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1. LEARN about home education.

It is very important to know why you are making this decision. Homeschooling is a wonderful journey, but when difficult days come, you will need to be confident that you made a sound, informed decision.

2. FAMILIARIZE yourselves with Oklahoma law concerning home education.

3. FORMALLY withdraw from public or private school, if registered

4. PERSONALIZE homeschooling goals and needs.

  • Evaluate family goals, lifestyle, and ministries
  • Evaluate each child’s needs: spiritual, emotional, academic
  • Note each child’s talents, interests, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Consider your budget

5. FORMALIZE your reasons for choosing home education.

6. CONNECT to others for support, encouragement, and to share ideas and information.

  • Find and join an established support group
  • Seek out like-minded families in your church and community
  • Team up with a close friend who is also teaching children at home.
  • Subscribe to home education blogs, podcasts, social media, and online newsletters.

7. EVALUATE each child’s level, including his/her academic needs, strengths, and learning styles.

8. CHOOSE and Gather an appropriate curriculum for your homeschool.

9. SET UP your school environment.

  • Designate specific areas for books/supplies
  • Acquire resource materials and supplies
  • Know that your home doesn’t have to look like a school classroom

10. SEEK community resources that complement your curriculum

  • Field Trips
  • Church-related groups and activities
  • Museum, zoo, cultural exhibits, or nature center classes
  • Music, art, drama, or dance classes
  • Gymnastics, physical education, and organized sports
  • Internships, public speaking, paging at the state capitol

11. ESTABLISH your own schedule.

  • School hours per day (a routine structure…with flexibility)
  • Number of school days per week
  • 180 days per year required by OK law
  • Length of term, noting holidays, vacations, etc
  • Let your kids know what the new school routine is. Don’t leave them in the dark, but give them a good heads up so they know change is coming.
  • Household chores – everyone can help!

12. PREPARE your record-keeping system.

It is wise to keep records even though it is not mandatory in the state of Oklahoma. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this.

13. JOIN Homeschool Oklahoma

You’ll have full access to information, resources, and special events.

14. CONSIDER a Home School Legal Defense Association membership.

If you have further questions, please contact HSOK at