First Steps to Home Education

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Homeschooling is a wonderful journey. It is very important to know why you are making this decision. When difficult days come, you will need to be confident that you made a sound, informed decision.



  • Choose your curriculum
  • Make your schedule
    • School hours per day (a routine structure…with flexibility)
    • Number of school days per week
    • 180 days per year required by OK law
    • Length of term, noting holidays, vacations, etc
  • Let your kids know what the new school routine is. Don’t leave them in the dark, but give them a good heads up so they know change is coming.
  • Prepare a record-keeping method, if desired
    • Keep an Attendance Record
    • Make a Lesson Plan
    • Evaluation of the child’s progress: grade book or journal
    • Daily work: cumulative record file or notebook
    • Achievement Test Scores
    • Portfolio
  • Set Up Your Supplies
    • Designate specific areas for books/supplies.
    • Know that your home doesn’t have to look like a school classroom – Education is an Atmosphere.


  • Connect to others in your community for support, encouragement, ideas, and information, whether it be church, a homeschool group, extra curricular activities, etc.
  • Find and join an established support group.
  • Team up with a close friend who is also teaching children at home.
  • Subscribe to home education blogs, podcasts, social media, and online newsletters.
  • Plan Field Trips and Nature Studies with friends.


It is common for students to work at many levels other than their actual grade level. Assigning grade levels helps in choosing curriculum.


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