I have decided to homeschool. What should I do if my child is enrolled in a public or private school?

You can homeschool! We believe in you, and we’re here to help you get off to a good start. If your child is enrolled in a school of any kind, prompt, proper withdrawal is a must. If your child is listed on the school roll, he or she will be reported as truant if he does not show up for class. If possible, withdraw your student(s) before the start of the school year or between semesters. You can withdraw at any time during the school year, however. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Research curriculum and make a decision. This decision does not have to be permanent, and changes can be made as needed. Pick a place to start. Need help? Just ask! Email team@hsok.org
  2. If your child is currently enrolled in school, write a letter of withdrawal. (View a sample)
    1. State that you are withdrawing your child to teach him or her at home.
    2. Include a reference to Oklahoma law concerning home education.
    3. Request your child(ren)’s records. There may be a small fee, and you may need to pick up the records in person. Keep these for your records.
    4. Be courteous. Be positive. Do not dwell on negatives. Simply state that this is in the student’s best interest.
    5. Where to send the letter:
      1. PUBLIC SCHOOL: Email the letter to yourself, the teacher, the school principal, the guidance counselor (if there is one), and the district superintendent, all at the same time. This lets you communicate with everyone at once.
      2. PRIVATE SCHOOL: Re-read the contract you signed at enrollment and know what it requires from you for withdrawal. Take the letter to the school and talk with the staff member in charge of enrollment. Ensure you have fulfilled your contract, and gather the records you’d like. Leave the letter with them. There is no need to work with anyone outside of the school in which your child is enrolled.
  3. DO NOT volunteer any unsolicited information.
  4. Next, we’d love it if you would Join Homeschool Oklahoma. (Click here!)  We are here to support, encourage, and advocate for you and to connect you with Oklahoma’s homeschool community and resources. We work hard to protect homeschooling freedom in our great state.
  5. Consider joining the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child will be school-age this fall, and we plan to homeschool. What do I need to do?

If your child has never been enrolled in school, there is no need to withdraw or to notify the district of your plans to homeschool.

We are a homeschool family that just moved to Oklahoma. Where do we register our homeschool?

Welcome! Oklahoma does not require notification or registration for homeschooled students.

We just moved to Oklahoma, and we’ve decided to start homeschooling. What do we do?

Again, welcome! Your children will need to be withdrawn from their previous school(s) in your previous state to avoid truancy charges. The procedure above should suffice.

When do I send this Withdrawal Letter?

If the student is currently enrolled and attending school, then the letter can be sent the day or two after the end of the semester (after school is out, but before the admin offices have closed for the summer).

I have decided to homeschool. What should I do if my child is NOT enrolled in any school?

If your child has never been enrolled in public or private school, it is not necessary to contact the school or the State Department of Education. Simply obtain a curriculum and get started. It is wise to find a local homeschool support group to help you in this endeavor.

Sample Withdrawal Letter