I have decided to homeschool. What should I do if my child is enrolled in public or private school?

The first thing you need to do is decide what curriculum you will use for your child and purchase it. In the state of Oklahoma, you are not legally required to contact the school district. However, if your child is listed on the school roll, he will be reported as truant if he does not show up for class. Therefore, once you have a curriculum in hand, write the principal of the school your child attends and tell him that you are withdrawing your child to teach him at home. It may be helpful to include specific reference to Oklahoma law concerning home education in your letter. It is preferable to withdraw your child before school begins or at the end of the school year. The next best choice is at the semester break.

  • Each school district has different administrative personnel who may respond differently to your decision to home educate. In some cases, a personal visit, in addition to the written letter, may be best. The following suggestions will give you maximum preparation that may not be necessary in all cases, depending on the cooperation of your local district.
  • Consider joining the Home School Legal Defense Association and/or some other support organization before contacting the school.
  • Be courteous. Be positive. Do not dwell on negatives. Simply explain that you feel that this is best for your child.
  • Come well prepared with a copy of the state law pertaining to homeschooling.
  • Do not volunteer any unsolicited information.
  • Ask for a copy of your child’s records.
  • I have decided to homeschool. What should I do if my child is NOT enrolled in any school?

If your child has not been previously enrolled in public or private school, it is not necessary to contact the school or the State Department of Education. Simply obtain a curriculum and get started. It is wise to find a local homeschool support group to help you in this endeavor.

Sample Withdrawal Letter