Is Home Education right for your family? 

  • What is home education?
  • What are the reasons to home educate your children?
  • What are the legal requirements in Oklahoma?
  • How do you get started?
  • What are your child’s learning styles?
  • How can you effectively teach multiple ages within your family?
  • What happens during high school?
  • Do you have to keep records?
  • What about a transcript?
  • What about socialization?
  • What about sports programs?
  • Will your children be ready for college?  

As part of its yearly conferences, HSOK always provides free information sessions to families who are considering homeschooling in their “You Can Homeschool” series. This year, since the conference is online, so are the “You Can Homeschool” classes!

Below are our three seminars. The first is a general one about homeschooling in Oklahoma, the second has specific information about homeschooling younger students, and the third has specific information about homeschooling during the teenage years.

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Legal and Practical Information from 4/9/2020
Preschool and Elementary Students
Teenagers / High School Students