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Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Principal’s Name

I am writing to you about my daughter/son, (Student’s Name). I have decided to home educate him/her for the remainder of the (or beginning with the) (year) school year. This letter is to serve as written notice of his/her withdrawal from (Name of School), effective (date).

As I understand it, homeschooling is a legal option under Oklahoma law. Oklahoma laws pertaining to home education include:

  • Oklahoma Constitution, Article XIII, Section 4;
  • Oklahoma Statutes Suppl. 1993, Title 70, Article X, Section 10-105;
  • Attorney’s General Opinion No. 73-129
  • I request that copies of all school records pertaining to my son/daughter be prepared for me to keep in my own file. I will contact you concerning a suitable time to pick those up at the school.

Thank you for your attention and consideration in this matter.


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