Learning Styles

All children take in information. It is how we grow in thought and ability. The manner in which each child RETAINS information, though, may be unique.

Here, we discuss three basic learning styles that may help you connect with your children and help them experience a more gratifying education.

Auditory Learner

An auditory learner retains information efficiently by listening. These learners enjoy listening to stories being read to them and can typically process verbal information quickly. Auditory learners enjoy music and audiobooks. They benefit from deep discussions with individuals or groups. They may enjoy hearing something over and over, like a favorite book being read to them repeatedly.

Visual Learner

A visual learner takes in information quickly in pictures, charts, diagrams, displays, artwork, or other visual aids. These learners need the visual aid presented in a well-organized manner. Patterns and shapes in diagrams and graphs are helpful. Videos and photos are less helpful and can be distracting.

Kinesthetic Learner

A kinesthetic learner retains information by performing the skill. Learn by doing, as the saying goes. These learners need the tactile experience to help them remember the project or task. Auditory instruction may be lost on them, but a hands-on approach can aid in retention.

Reading and Writing within Learning Styles

Some learners process information better when they are drawing or writing things down. If spelling is difficult, do not require correct spelling when the student attempts to retain information through note-taking. Keep the spelling lesson separate.

Some children, when they are old enough, find that reading the material themselves makes learning easier. Reading may open a world of information for these children.


A host of scientific information can be found on learning styles, and there may be hundreds of styles to explore. However, sticking to the basic three learning styles, Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic, will help you jump-start your homeschool.

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