Nature Study: Squirrels

Just a tawny glimmer, a dash of red and gray,Was it a flitting shadow, or a sunbeam gone astray!It glances up a tree trunk, and a pair of bright eyes glowWhere a little spy in ambush is measuring his foe.I hear a mocking chuckle, then wrathful, he grows boldAnd stays his pressing business to scold … Continue reading Nature Study: Squirrels

Nature Study: Honeybees

By Julie McIntosh, beekeeper and HSOK Trustee Can you imagine having over 20,000 sisters? A honeybee can have that many or more! Almost all bees in a hive are female, and all the eggs they hatched from were laid by the same queen mother. That makes them all sisters!  The honeybee is a fantastic creature … Continue reading Nature Study: Honeybees

Nature Study: Vegetables

Have you ever really looked at the veggies that you eat every day? They really are things of wonder. You can find vegetables in every color of the rainbow. They are full of nutrients that strengthen and nourish your body when you eat them. And, they are pretty tasty too! Use this month to explore … Continue reading Nature Study: Vegetables

Nature Study: Butterflies

Exploring the World of Butterflies If you ask my kids what their favorite field trip was over the years,  they will always tell you that their trips to see butterfly exhibits were their favorite.  I always find this surprising because we have had the opportunity to venture on some amazing field trips.  Our favorite butterfly … Continue reading Nature Study: Butterflies

A Nature Study Example Project: Making a Leaf Book

Adventuring We Shall Go… Reflecting back on some of our favorite science adventures, I am happy that we did so many hands-on activities.  Many of our science studies were focused around a kitchen counter, but some of them sent us on an excursion to explore the beauty outside.  One such adventure took us leaf collecting … Continue reading A Nature Study Example Project: Making a Leaf Book