Nature Study: Butterflies

Exploring the World of Butterflies

If you ask my kids what their favorite field trip was over the years,  they will always tell you that their trips to see butterfly exhibits were their favorite.  I always find this surprising because we have had the opportunity to venture on some amazing field trips.  Our favorite butterfly exhibit is at the Houston Natural Science Museum

As they enter the exhibit, everyone is handed a butterfly guide which lists the different butterflies that live in the Cockrell Butterfly Center.  Perhaps the reason my kids enjoyed this field trip so much is that it is the ultimate scavenger hunt.  Each child searches for as many species of butterflies as she can find and hopes to find a rare one to share with everyone.

Hours and hours have been spent exploring butterfly exhibits.  Inevitably, there were questions asked and research done. 

  • What do butterflies eat? 
  • Where do they sleep? 
  • How do they protect themselves from predators? 
  • Do they have predators? 
  • Why are some so colorful and others not so colorful? 
  • What plants do they like? 
  • What is metamorphosis?

The amazing thing about questions is that they lead to exploring other places and learning about unexpected topics.  Our butterfly field trips led us to explore gardening and to create a butterfly garden of our own where we could watch for caterpillars and butterflies alike.

We were very excited when we discovered our first visitors to our butterfly garden.

If you are interested in exploring butterfly exhibits in Oklahoma or learning more about butterflies in Oklahoma, here are a few possible places to explore.

Links to more information

If you would like to learn more about butterflies, here are some links to start your explorations.

Planting a Butterfly Garden

If you are interested in creating your own butterfly garden, here are some resources. Did you know that different parts of the state should provide different plants to attract butterflies? Check it out!

OSU The Botanic Garden – Skipper Garden

What to Plant

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