Encouragement for New Homeschoolers with Betsa Delgado

What is it like to be a new homeschool mom? Here, we sit down with homeschooling advocate and encourager Betsa Delgado to talk about how it feels for someone to start homeschooling, and why they should continue on.

Who is Betsa Delgado?

Jason and Betsa Delgado were high schools sweetheart and have been married since 2003. They are the proud parents of two beautiful girls. Bella graduated from their homeschool last year, and Daniela is in the eighth grade. They began homeschooling as a temporary solution for their oldest, but homeschooling has transformed this family. They are active in their local homeschool community and are passionate about encouraging others on this same homeschool journey. They are also heavily involved in their church serving as children’s church leaders and worship leaders. It is their great privilege to serve the homeschooling families of Oklahoma.

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