Capitol Day 2022 with Kevin Collins

In this episode, we sit down with Kevin Collins, organizer of the Capitol Day event on February 10 in the Oklahoma State Capitol. Every year homeschool Oklahoma makes an organized trip to the Capitol to make our presence known to our legislators and ask them to leave homeschoolers alone. Kevin and Jonathan talk about why we do Capitol Day and how people can get involved and help out. We also talk about why the constitutional allowance for homeschooling is all homeschoolers need and how Homeschool Oklahoma alerts home-educating families of problems to keep anything from being added or subtracted from the constitutional guarantees.

Learn more about Capitol Day here.

Who is Kevin Collins?

Kevin and Kathy Collins were married in 1992, and they have two children, Sierra and Noah. Kathy left her career as a private school teacher in 1999 when their first child was born and began homeschooling in 2003. They were active in the homeschool group in Lawton. After being a youth pastor for fifteen years, Kevin serves as an elder in their church, Legacy Faith and Family. Over the years, God has used Kevin’s experience with youth and Kathy’s experience as a teacher to grant them wisdom, teach them perseverance, and guide them on their path of home education. They enjoy entertaining in their home, whether adults or a house full of teens. They count it a blessing to serve on the Homeschool Oklahoma Board of Trustees and enjoy getting to know and support other Oklahoma Home Educators.

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