While I was waiting for the Capitol Day assembly to start, a mom approached me with a question. She said, “We just moved from California, and we homeschool and have for a while. Now that we are in Oklahoma, what do we need to do to inform the state that we are homeschooling?”. I told her, “Nothing.” She said, “That’s what I heard, but I thought there is no way!”. The freedom available to Oklahoma’s home educating families brought relief to her face. That relief is one of the benefits of doing Capitol Day!

More than eighty-five families came to the State House on Thursday to give homemade cookies to senators and representatives. They shared their gratitude with the legislators and thanked them for serving our state. The families also walked around inside the Capitol, enjoying the newly refurbished rotundas and hallways. After visiting the Capitol, they got to hear our state representative from Homeschool Legal Defense, T.J. Schmidt, speak at the Oklahoma History Center. He shared the history of our state when it comes to homeschooling and the freedoms we have as homeschooling families. Then, the families spent the rest of the day at the museum, listening to live historians speak about life in historic Oklahoma, whether they were cattle drivers or dust bowl housewives. 

As we approached the end of the day, I couldn’t help thinking about the mom from California. I pray that we can continue to protect the future of homeschooling families in this state and that the work done on Capitol Day results in more surprise at our beautiful freedoms.

There’s still work to do even though Capitol Day is over. Three bills need attention. Senate Bill 1647 (Treat) and Senate Bill 1509 (Murdock) would damage homeschooling freedom in Oklahoma.  Senate Bill 1471 (Paxton) would help Oklahoma’s homeschooling families. Please go to our Legislative Alert page to read more about these bills and learn how to make a difference. Thank you for defending our homeschooling freedom!

Oklahoma is a great state where homeschooling families are free to teach their children in the way they desire with no interference from the state. Our great state has fewer regulations concerning homeschooling than any other state, with the ability to educate our children “by other means” built right into the state constitution. Homeschool Oklahoma works to keep homeschooling as free from regulations as possible in our state. You can learn more about the Whys and Hows of Capitol Day in this podcast episode with Kevin Collins, who runs the Capitol Day Committee

Each year, Homeschool Oklahoma holds Capitol Day, when homeschooling families from all over Oklahoma travel to the state capitol to visit our legislators. These families share their appreciation for our legislators and their work to protect our freedoms, and they also may share concerns about any legislation that may infringe upon that freedom.

We look forward to Capitol Day 2023, which will be held at the beginning of February. Watch for a save the date closer to time! Please bookmark this page for updates in the next couple of months and watch the HSOK Informer Newsletter and our social media to learn when registration starts!

How Can You Help?

There are three different ways your family can participate on this important day. Would you please read below the various roles you could take and pray about which role would be most beneficial for your family? All three are meaningful and rewarding!

Be a Minutemen

The Minutemen will meet with our legislators. These home-educating moms, dads, and teenagers will visit the Capitol in person to thank them for their service and to encourage them to leave the current laws that allow us to choose appropriate education for our children in place. They will also voice concerns about any legislation restricting our homeschooling freedom. Minutemen will be from families who are committed to parent-led and family-funded constitutional homeschools. Plan to attend an online training class on Monday, February 7, 2022, to learn the ins and outs of talking to legislators and which bills raise concerns. Once you sign up below, you’ll receive a Zoom link for the class.

Be a Patriot

These families will visit their legislators to tell them “thank you.” If you don’t know who your legislators are, this is the perfect opportunity to meet them and put homeschooling faces in front of them! Please sign up as a Patriot if you and your children are willing to meet and deliver cards and cookies to your senators and representatives, thanking them for their service to our state. We want to ensure that every Oklahoma State Senator and State Representative receives a “thank you” from a homeschooling family, so please register as a Patriot below.

Be a Prayer Warrior

We created a prayer guide that will cover the two weeks before Capitol Day and the two weeks after. We need everyone to be a prayer warrior, so please take this opportunity to lift Oklahoma’s home educators, our right to parent as we see fit, our legislators, and our state in prayer. Visit the Prayer Guide for those twenty-eight days and pray specifically for each day’s suggestion. These topics will also pop up on our social media on the appropriate day.