Arcangelo Corelli


Arcangelo Corelli was born in Fusignano, Italy in 1653. He was most well known as a violinist, and the royalty of his time loved him. At this time, the violin was a relatively new instrument, so Corelli had the opportunity to teach violin to many students, including Antonio Vivaldi. Corelli also made the Concerto Grosso popular. The is a style frequently used in the Baroque period that weaves the melody between solo instruments and the accompanying orchestra. Vivaldi went on to write more concerti grossi, and he, in turn, influenced Bach. While Corelli was known for being passionate and stubborn, he was well-loved. When he died at the age of 59, he was buried in the Pantheon, along with Italian kings and queens and famous painter Raphael. 

Music to Enjoy

Trio Sonata u d-minor, op.3 no.5 
12 Trio Sonatas, Op. 3: No. 5, Sonata in D Minor 
Corelli Christmas Concerto; Op.68
Corelli: Concerto grosso op. 6 nº 8
Sonata No. 12 “La Folia”




Arcangelo Corelli: Great Grandfather of Violin Playing
Corelli: His Story And His Music – Narrated by Arthur Hannes, 1962


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