George Gershwin


George Gershwin, 1898-1937, was one of the most well-known pianists in history. He turned out an enormous amount of music before his life was cut short by a brain tumor. Lucky for us, he was one of the first musicians for whom we have recorded video of him playing. While you can probably find better-quality recordings of his work, enjoy watching him play.

By Mishkin – RR Auctions, Public Domain,

You can read more about Gershwin and find even more videos here:

As I’m sure you remember, doing the composer study is pretty simple. Listen to some music by a composer with your children over time. Dance. Draw. Sit. Walk. Most importantly, enjoy the sound. That’s the basic method. (There is a lot of information about composer study there on Megan Hoyt’s blog, linked just above.)



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