Nature Study: Light

Nature study can be as simple as a short walk in the neighborhood or as elaborate as a week in a National Park. Don’t make it hard.  This month, let’s consider light, whether it comes from a candle, a light bulb, a cozy hearth fire, or a Christmas Tree. Can you imagine a world of darkness? How did light bulbs change the world? Remember: you don’t have to know all the answers to your kids’ questions because you can look up the answers together. 

Here are some questions to consider with your kids while you explore:

  • Where does light come from?
  • What would life be like if there was no light?
  • How do Candles work?
  • What makes a match burn? 
  • Why does a fireplace seem cozier than a space heater?
  • How do Christmas lights stay cool? 



Hanging Christmas Lights (includes types and how they work)



Why Do Candles Burn?
Fixing Christmas Lights
How Do Matches Work?
How are Matches Made?
How are Candles made?

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