Lorenzo Ghiberti

Picture Study is simple. Look at the picture with your children for a few minutes and then talk about what you saw. Try to remember as much about the piece as you can. Enjoy the beauty of it. Art is not a chore; it’s a pleasure. Beginning our Ancient Beauty theme, we’ve chosen some pieces of Lorenzo Ghiberti’s work for this month.


Lorenzo Ghiberti lived near Florence, Italy for most of his life. He was an artist who worked in bronze, crafting several masterpieces. He is most well-known for creating what Michelangelo referred to as the Gates of Paradise. Those were the doors into the Baptistery at the Cathedral of Florence. Ghiberti spent a total of fifty-one years working on two sets of doors. Each panel depicts a scene from the Bible. All of the scenes are represented in intricate detail. Ghiberti also made other sculptures, such as statues of St. John the Baptist and St. Matthew.

The Art

Gates of Paradise
Gates of Paradise: Joseph
Gates of Paradise: Abraham
St. John the Baptist

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Lorenzo Ghiberti and the Gates of Paradise


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Photo of Artist:  By Richardfabi, Canon Powershot A95, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=81793

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