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2020 Legislative Session – Bills To Watch

HS 3293 – Representative Newton.
This bill was an equal access bill to create a way to allow Homeschoolers to participate in Public School activities such as choir, football, etc. It was burdened with undefined and open-ended language that would have blurred the clear line between parent-led, privately-funded Constitutional Homeschooling “by other means” and state funded and controlled Public Education. In order to achieve its goal, the bill would have certainly introduced regulation and controls on homeschoolers in regard to documentation, curriculum, attendance, testing, and health. Homeschool Oklahoma opposed this bill and met with Rep. Newton to discuss the problems with it.
This bill has now been withdrawn. Thank you to all the families in our homeschool communities who met with or called Rep. Newton to encourage him to do this.

HB2504 – Representative McCall and Reresentative Rader

This bill will protect churches who allow any support groups to use their facilities. It will keep the churches from losing their tax exemption status. Supports groups include homesschool co-ops and CC groups. This is why we support this bill. This bill has passed the House floor and now is in the Senate. Please contact your senator and share with them about this bill.