Cooking Like My Grandmother

My grandmother was famous for her food.… her bread…. her pies….her Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake…. and her canned foods…. and her fried chicken, especially her fried chicken. Her fame spread from Ohio to Oklahoma and Texas and among all the relatives strung out in between. She wasn’t famous for fancy food. She was famous for food that … Continue reading Cooking Like My Grandmother

Member Perks

A reminder: These are Perks available to you because you choose to support Homeschool Oklahoma. Please don’t share these codes with others. Instead, explain to your friends why you support Homeschool Oklahoma and ask them to do likewise. Then they will have the same benefits as you. Perks from HSOK Digital Back Issues of the HSOK Informer … Continue reading Member Perks

Managing a Home in a State of Flux

How do you get it all done?  Dishes, laundry, meals (both prepping and planning), vacuuming the incessant dog hair, keeping surfaces clean and dust-free, making the beds, chauffeuring kids to activities, AND homeschooling?  The truth is, it CAN’T all be done.  Unfortunately, things that get done are quickly undone by other persons residing with you.  … Continue reading Managing a Home in a State of Flux

Is Your Curriculum working for your family?

Mid-year breaks are a great time to evaluate whether that shiny product you bought in August is still working in your homeschool.  Remember when you bought it?  You were sure that this was the thing that was going to help your kid get it.  But now it’s not proving the test of time (or the … Continue reading Is Your Curriculum working for your family?

Free Lessons for the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you are stuck at home for the COVID-19 outbreak, not only are we here for you, many home education vendors are here for you, too. We all recognize that many of you are not familiar with home education and may need some help with lesson plans and not know where to turn. Because of … Continue reading Free Lessons for the COVID-19 Outbreak