Life and Times of Ancient Egypt

Let’s explore the ancient world. We’ve chosen folk tales, myths, biographies, and documentaries from different continents, and we have maps for you to download and trace or fill in too. There are many, many other societies in the area to learn about, but we are focusing this month’s suggestions on Ancient Egypt. If you have time, please look into other Ancient African societies and stories.

Map Study

Map Study is very simple. Print off a map. Label what you can from memory. Look up three-five more things and add them. Look over your labelled map for a minute or two each day, but only add to it once or twice a week. Soon you’ll know far more about the area you are studying than you did before

Map of Africa to download:


African Geography Game:

Booklist: Children’s books about Ancient Egypt:

Booklist: African folk tales for children

Picture Books:

Chapter Books



What Ancient Egyptian Sounded Like
The Murder of Ancient Alexandria’s Greatest Scholar
Hidden History of Hatshepsut
The Alexandria Library
What Really Happened to the Library of Alexandria?
Tutankhamun’s Treasures
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Egyptian Myth of Isis

Some Curricula for Ancient History

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