Oklahoma House Bill 2030

Oklahoma is an excellent state in which to homeschool! I’ve met families who moved to Oklahoma for the sole purpose of home-educating their children. In 1907, the drafters of Oklahoma’s constitution established the freedom to homeschool in Oklahoma. Because of the beautiful blessing we have in educating our children “by other means,” we also have to be vigilant in protecting that freedom.

Concerned parents have contacted Homeschool Oklahoma about the governor’s recent signing of Oklahoma House Bill 2030. This bill requires public school students to pass a naturalization test before they can graduate high school. 

We have examined OK House Bill 2030, and we believe that it shows nothing threatening to homeschool families. This bill is directed towards public school students who want to graduate from a public school in Oklahoma. Some homeschooling parents wonder if their student(s) must take the United States naturalization test in order to graduate from their homeschool program. No, their students are not legally required to take the test. 

Personally, I believe it would be a good idea for homeschooling students to take the naturalization exam to help them learn about the history and workings of our government. I think that most and possibly all of our homeschooling students in Oklahoma would have no problem passing the test. The actual test is ten questions picked from a pool of one hundred possible questions, and you only have to get six out of ten correct to pass. Yes, you read that correctly. The actual test is not multiple choice, but the practice tests are. You can find the practice tests here:  USCIS – Civics Test Introduction

I hope this eases your mind about Oklahoma House Bill 2030, and thank you to those who contacted us about their concern. It’s parents like you who help protect our homeschooling freedom in Oklahoma.

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