Master Class

A Master Class is an opportunity for the experts to share their knowledge to equip families to succeed. These presentations will be 55 minutes of education, 5 minutes of which can be dedicated to any specific products that the expert wants to promote. Afterward, the speaker will invite attendees to visit their booth or website to answer more questions.

Keynotes by Steve Demme

Steve Demme
  • Friday Evening: Parents are Uniquely Qualified to Teach and Disciple Their Children: As a parent, you are uniquely qualified to be the primary educator of your children. You have more assets than you realize. Listen and be encouraged by a homeschooling father of four sons who are now adults.
  • Saturday Morning: God’s Plan for Building a Family of Faith: In Deuteronomy 6, God’s simple and effective plan for the family begins with parents loving God with everything in them and having His Word on their hearts. When parents have established their own relationship with God and His Word, they are equipped to teach their children to love God and His Word.
  • Saturday Afternoon: Life Lessons for Being a Supportive Husband and Faithful Dad: God designed men to be servant-hearted leaders who lay their lives down for their families. Married for 40 years and father to four homeschooled sons, Steve shares what he has learned from God’s Word and his family.

10:30 am – 11:30 am: Master Classes

  • Room 1: I’ll Never, Ever, Ever Homeschool by Yvette Hampton 
    • Was that your mindset and now you find yourself in this unknown, scary, and seemingly strange world of homeschooling? I understand. I was there myself for many years. I believed all the negative stereotypes and had so many misconceptions about what homeschooling really was and what it would look like for my family. I was (mostly) wrong! Come and hear about how the Lord took me from “I’ll Never Homeschool” to filming a documentary and hosting a podcast all about the blessings and benefits of homeschooling.
  • Room 2: Navigating Technology: Controlling the Technology Monster in Your Home by Robin Zwirtz
    • The Internet is a wonderful tool for home education! But it isn’t a pure and wholesome playground. Come learn new ideas for how to help your family deal with the realities of life in the 21st century.
  • Room 3: I Have to Teach What? How to Manage the STEM Subjects  by Jonathan Bartlett
    • Jonathan describes the pitfalls of guiding students through STEM subjects and gives guidance to parents about how to best manage the process to keep your students moving forward.
  • Room 4: Obedience: A Foundational Habit Every Homeschool Child Should Learn by Crystal Wagner
    • Obedience is a foundational habit every homeschooled child should develop. When your children obey, it keeps them safe, reduces your stress, and improves your relationships.  Developing the habit of obedience often feels like a struggle or battle of wills, but it doesn’t have to be! In this workshop, you will learn how to help your children want to obey, identify and remove common barriers, and how to make it fun to learn to obey. 

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Master Classes

  • Room 1: EZ+1: Making Sense of Teaching Writing by Judith Jolma
    • Teaching writing well is not only possible; it can be enjoyable! Come and learn about an effective and easy-to-use approach for the very reluctant child as well as the natural writer. Using models, checklists, and a clear pathway for “EZ + 1” skill progression, the Structure and Style® composition program is guaranteed to instill confidence and build competence in students of all ages and aptitudes.
  • Room 2: Can You Do That?: Special Needs Homeschooling by Dana Wilson
    • Do you have what it takes? Can you homeschool your child with special needs? Dana Wilson wants you to know that, yes, by God’s grace and with His loving guidance, you can. She will share practical and philosophical insights that will meet you where you are and encourage you in your journey.
  • Room 3: Let Them Dream Big! Raising Your Young Entrepreneurs by Betsa Delgado
    • Betsa shares her experience raising and cultivating an environment where her kids can dream big. Early in their homeschool journey, the Delgado family decided to create an entrepreneurial environment in their home. Their home is now the home to Que Bella Bakery, a  business that their seventeen-year-old daughter owns.  Betsa will share her story and some practical ways that you can create an atmosphere where your children can dream big.  She strongly believes that, no matter what God is calling your children to do, He will make a way.
  • Room 4: A Time Management Strategy That Actually Works For Homeschool Parents by Crystal Wagner
    • Is your to-do list a mile long? Does it feel like you can never keep up with everything you need to accomplish during a typical homeschool day? Not to mention what do you do when life throws you a curveball? In this workshop, you will learn a simple strategy to help you manage your homeschool days so you can move from simply surviving to thriving. You will learn how to use a three-step process to plan your day, what to put on your to-do list (and what to take off), and common pitfalls to avoid when planning your day.

3:30pm – 4:30 pm: Panel Discussions

  • Sanctuary: Making a Road Map to High School and Reflections of Parents of Homeschooled Graduates. MC: Paul Rose; Panel: Jim Vasher, Valerie Rose, Brad McIntosh, Jonathan Bartlett

  • Room 3: What I Wish I Had Known When My Kids Were in Elementary School MC: Julie McIntosh. Panel: Jason Delgado, Donna Smith, Dana Wilson, and more

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