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Learning with Living Books (Sonya Shafer)

Good living books feed our children a feast of ideas, not just dry facts. Join Sonya for a look at this simple, yet effective, approach to true education. Learn what makes living books “living,” and practice using them in a way that makes learning stick. This video was provided to our 2020 Online Conference by … Continue reading Learning with Living Books (Sonya Shafer)

Charlotte Mason and Her Methods (Sonya Shafer)

Join Sonya for a practical and encouraging overview of the simple yet effective methods used in the Charlotte Mason approach. You will learn about Charlotte and experience using her methods for yourself during the session. This video was provided to our 2020 Online Conference by Sonya Shafer and Simply Charlotte Mason.

Teaching Boys and Teaching Girls (Andrew Pudewa)

This is an in-depth look at the neurophysiological differences between boys and girls—how they hear differently, see differently, handle stress and pain differently—as well as the implications for our teaching of both boys and girls. This is an expansion on Andrew’s previous “Boys” talk. With added research, together with humor and practical stories, this presentation … Continue reading Teaching Boys and Teaching Girls (Andrew Pudewa)

Compulsive Comparing Disorder (Jenn Murff)

 “Compulsive Comparing Disorder” is a disease that has plagued our culture, leaving a generation full of envy and discontentment. With the rise of social media, people more than ever are armed with camera phones ready to manage their own brand as they seek to present a perfectly filtered life. This has led to comparing our … Continue reading Compulsive Comparing Disorder (Jenn Murff)

Living Free of Fear and Anxiety (Jenn Murff)

In this next video from the HSOK 2020 Conference, “A Celebration of Family,” Dr. Jenn Muff gives you the tools of encouragement that will help you step off the mountain of fear and into the promises of God.