Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Poetry is a simple thing to enjoy. Pick a poet. Read a poem for the enjoyment of it. Listen to the rhythm of the words. Hear the music in them. We’ve picked a few poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge to share with you this month.


Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a Romantic poet who lived from 1772-1834 in England. He was sick as a child, so he read a lot. He quickly became drawn to fantasy and the exotic, retreating to his imagination. He loved to be outside, and at one point, he almost froze to death.  The day he met William Wordsworth was a turning point in his life. Coleridge had a long struggle with drug addiction as well as depression. He was very hard on himself and chastised himself for not achieving more.






The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Kubla Khan

Photo of Poet:
-By Peter Vandyke –, held at the National Portrait Gallery, Public Domain,

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