Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Poetry is a simple thing to enjoy. Pick a poet. Read a poem for the enjoyment of it. Listen to the rhythm of the words. Hear the music in them. We’ve picked a few poems by Robert Browning to share with you this month


Robert Browning was a British Victorian poet who lived from 1812-1889. His father was a dreamer who became a banker out of necessity. He did manage to make a comfortable living, which is what allowed Robert to be only a poet, with no other occupation. Robert was educated at home, amassing a large amount of knowledge about literature and history that he might not have gained from school. he also was able to student multiple languages as well as music. He eventually choose to travel and gain a “Bachelor of Experience” instead of a university degree. He found this education in Italy. Once he returned to Italy, he spent his days studying at the British Museum and wandering the National Gallery.  He published poems, and he read poems. When he was twenty-seven, he happened upon a book of poems by Elizabeth Barrett, and he fell in love.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning became Robert’s wife, though she was already a poet in her own right. She lived from 1806 to 1861.  Elizabeth was physically ill much of the time. While Robert had traveled the world, she was confined to a  sick room in her father’s house. Eventually, she let him come and meet her in person, and as their relationship grew, so did her health.  Elizabeth’s father didn’t want any of his children to marry, so Elizabeth and Robert eloped after years of courting, abandoning England for France and Italy. Elizabeth enjoyed several years of good health and even birthed a son, but eventually, her former illness returned. She was again confined to her rooms, which she filled with beautiful things.

After Elizabeth’s death, Robert returned to England with his son and continued to publish poems until his death.





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