Adding Beauty: Picture Study

If you haven’t ever tried Picture Study in your home, now is a great time to try it out. Here’s how it works:

  1. Ideally, each student would have a print of the piece of artwork, but in my house, I project the image to our living room TV. You might open it on a computer or an iPad.
  2. We all look at it carefully for a minute or two (depending on the complexity of the piece, our impatience, and our attention spans.)
  3. We turn off the TV and talk about what we saw.
  4. We guess the name of the piece (and if I haven’t identified the artist, we guess that also).
  5. We follow the conversation where it takes us until it naturally pauses, taking turns remembering things about the piece.
  6. We look at the image again and continue talking: What does this piece remind you of? Where in this piece would you like to be? What conversation is going on?
  7. We stop before anyone is bored. These conversations last a lot longer now that my boys are teenagers than they did when they were in elementary school. We have a lot more art and reading experience to draw on now than we used to, and our skills of attending and noticing are more honed than they used to be.

A great source for pictures that have already been screened by Christian parents is the Ambleside Online Art Study page. (Ambleside Online is a Charlotte Mason curriculum that has always been free to access online. Those creators work hard to provide a very broad education feast. It’s worth exploring for great resources that spread Beauty around the world.)

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