We serve a sovereign God whose will is carried out no matter who or what tries to stop it. So why pray? Why petition God if He is going to carry out His will in spite of what we do? Even though He has ordained the outcome (in this case, Capitol Day), He has also ordained the means to which that outcome is fulfilled. That is why we pray; our prayers are ordained by God to see this through! 

Please lift up Capitol Day in prayer during the following weeks. There are many things that could endanger our homeschooling freedom. We have made a prayer guide to introduce those areas. As you journey through these twenty-eight days of prayer, please understand that you have been placed here for such a time as this and THAT has been ordained to accomplish His will.

Pray for the homeschooling students in Oklahoma. Pray for their desire to be homeschooled, whether they have started this year or they are in their thirteenth year. Pray for their education as their parent or guardian teaches them. Pray for their understanding of who God is as they study His creation and how it works. Pray that they will have a desire to take the torch from their parents and homeschool their children.

Please pray for our legislators as they get ready to write, introduce, edit, and vote on bills that will impact our state. Their intentions are noble when it comes to these bills, but, as we know, they can and will impact Oklahomans in positive and negative ways. Please pray for them to have wisdom as they make decisions this year.

Thousands of bills are being introduced this year. They range from what the state steak (as in beef) should be to how funds in a certain account should be used. Also, in this sea of bills, there will be bills introduced that will affect homeschooling families when it comes to regulating what they teach or how they teach. Please pray that HSOK’s Eyes and Ears committee will catch all the bills that will impact homeschooling in any way.

Our state legislators can’t do the jobs that we’ve elected them for if they don’t stay healthy. Throughout this last year, we were reminded of how easy it was to become sick from the Covid-19 and other illnesses. Please pray that our legislators stay well throughout this year and that they don’t grow tired and weary. Pray that their minds will stay sharp and their thoughts clear.

Today, please pray for the Capitol Day Committee. Pray that they finish strong and all the “loose ends” are tied up. Pray that nothing is accidentally overlooked and that everything is organized to aid the individuals that will be talking to the legislators in eleven days.

Today, we would like for you to pray for your state senator and representative. Find out who yours are and how to contact them! Once you know who they are, please lift them up in prayer today and regularly. Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will.” Remember, God is sovereign, and His will is carried out no matter who sits in that Capitol office.

The legislators will be busy all year with meetings, sessions, and discussions, but the real workers of the Capitol are their assistants. They are the schedulers, the deflectors, and the gatekeepers of the legislators. They fulfill their own responsibilities as well as care for their legislator. Please pray they have an efficient year and that everything they do will be beneficial for their legislator. Also, pray that when our Minutemen ask their permission to speak to legislators, that they will be kind and receptive.

Pray for the Capitol staff who work behind the scenes, allowing the Capitol to run smoothly throughout the year. They are the custodians, sergeants, research analysts, and many more. Please pray that the people visiting the Capitol respect these positions. The Capitol could not run the way it does without them.

Pray for the Minutemen today. Pray that they will understand the bills that have been flagged to be discussed and that their thoughts are organized and clear. Pray that they present themselves to the legislators and their assistants in a respectful way and that their conversations are beneficial, creating relationships for future visits.

Pray for the parents and guardians who homeschool. Whatever their reason, they believe that homeschooling is the best way for their children to learn. With that comes frustration, doubt, and tears. Pray that they find the answers to their questions. Pray that God directs them to a support group that encourages them and allows them to share their struggles. We are all in this together!

Legislators also have families that have to share their loved ones with the state. Pray that they have a spirit of understanding and that whenever they are together as a family, that their time is of the highest quality. Pray that they stay healthy throughout the year.

As the individuals read and look over bills, it’s easy to have a dangerous one slip past them. Pray that no bill that needs to be addressed will slide under their radar. Pray for the ones looking over these bills, that they will stay alert and focused as they read.

All Legislators must be re-elected or replaced. So, new legislators often find themselves in uncharted territory. Please pray that the new legislators will quickly find their groove. Pray that they understand how things flow within the Capitol and that they will be able to focus on the important things their positions demand.

In this last year, we have seen an exodus from the brick and mortar schools to a homeschooling environment. With that comes confusion, questions, and frustrations. Please pray for the homeschooling families in Oklahoma. Many of these questions are the same for family-funded homeschools and publically-funded online schools. Pray that the parents are patient and understanding and that they find the answers to their questions.   

The Minutemen have volunteered to visit the Capitol next week in spite of their constant responsibilities to their families, businesses, churches, and communities.  So, pray that their schedules will allow for extra time for the meetings at the Capitol on Capitol Day.

As we contact the legislators, please pray the legislators will have a receptive spirit. Pray that they will listen favorably and respond well. Pray that they hear our concerns and consider our desires. Pray that they would trust our intentions and not be suspicious.

Pray that the bills that are dangerous to our homeschooling freedom in Oklahoma will be edited to correct such danger or be thrown out completely.

Capitol Day is just a few days away. Pray that the Minutemen will rest well and that they are not distracted by the lack of sleep or anxiety about anything. Pray that God will cover them with peace and contentment as they prepare to talk to the legislators.

Please pray for Homeschool Oklahoma. Pray that God gives us wisdom in how best to help the homeschooling families of Oklahoma. Our desire is to encourage, equip, and protect homeschooling families. With the homeschooling landscape changing yearly, we must stay ahead of those changes to better serve Oklahoma. We covet your prayers!

Tomorrow is the day! Pray for the Minutemen’s travels to the Capitol. Pray for the weather, roads, and traffic. Also, pray for their vehicles because a lot of them will travel a distance across the state.

Pray that positive relationships develop throughout the year between legislators and their home-educating constituents. Other homeschooling groups will visit throughout the year. Good relationships are vital for beneficial communication. Pray that nothing hinders those relationships.

Today, pray that bills that support and protect homeschooling in Oklahoma are on the road to being passed. Pray that no obstacles get in the way of these bills and that the opportunity to homeschool in the state is realized as a benefit to the future of Oklahoma.

Pray that the cards that were sent by homeschooling families will be noticed today, whether on their desk or on a shelf in their office. Memory is a powerful thing and can influence decisions. Pray that those memories made will be the drive to protect homeschooling in Oklahoma.

Today, pray that the legislators remember the families that sent them cards and that they remember the faces of the minutemen that visited four days ago. When families and faces are connected to bills, the discussions are more meaningful.

Please pray for our Governor. Pray that God will give him the wisdom and fortitude to lead the state. Pray that God will direct him and that the decisions he makes will benefit and support Oklahoma families and their desire to teach and disciple their children.

Pray for our Lieutenant Governor and his decisions in this coming year. Pray that the communication between him and the Governor will be clear and open. Pray that God will use him to advise and help the Governor in difficult decisions. Pray that he leads the Senate this year with determination and confidence.

Today, the sessions and debates begin. New bills will be introduced, discussed, edited, “killed” on the floor, or passed on to the next level to become bills to follow. Please pray that these sessions will be beneficial for homeschooling families in Oklahoma and their freedom to homeschool will not be infringed upon.

We are one week past Capitol Day, Please pray that the Capitol Day Committee gains all the information they need so they can make next year’s event even better. Pray that we will be honest about what worked and what didn’t. Pray that suggestions and opinions will not be taken personally and that our desire to give God all credit is never challenged by our pride and selfishness.

Thank you for the commitment you showed in the last 28 days! During that time, you prayed for our state, our leaders, and for homeschooling families all over Oklahoma. Continue to pray throughout the year. Please revisit the things you prayed over and add anything that we overlooked. I cannot wait to see what 2022 will look like for Oklahoma’s home-educating families. I do know it will be an adventure!