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Praise Hymn Inc. has begun producing the God Made Music series in self-teaching music videos appropriate for the classroom or home school. God Made Music Grade 1 video will be available in April of 2021 and is also appropriate for kindergarten and grade 2. The God Made Music series teaches music concepts, composer stories, classical music listening, singing, and a study of instruments of the orchestra.  LaLa the Ladybird, and her musical friends, Mr. Pig and Clarice the Calico Cat, make these concepts fun to learn.  

  1. God Made Music series grades K4 through 7th. Each grade level begins with a review and builds upon previous music concepts.
  2. The Praise Hymn Bible series grades 1 through 6 proceeds through the Bible chronologically. Excellent for the classroom, homeschool, or family devotions.
  3. The Hymnplayer series is in 4 volumes: Beginner, Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced. These books teach hymn improvisation.
  4. Let’s Read Music. A remedial course for teaching basic music concepts for choirs.

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