TEL Library is a non-profit organization that partners with accredited institutions and training organizations to deliver college-level courses and workforce training at truly affordable prices. We are committed to facilitating equitable access to high-quality, affordable learning in the U.S.

Our mission is to make affordable quality college-level education universally available. Our vision is a world where the cost will no longer be a barrier to quality, college-level education for any student, anywhere, anytime.

This vision, along with the diverse needs of the institutional and school partners we serve, has led us to design a suite of highly engineered courses. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of:

As a non-profit, TEL’s missional goal is to commit to making an affordable, quality, college education universally available. Using TEL’s on-line, dual credit courses students are able to continue their high school education while at the same time earn college credit. There are three ways a student can access our courses.
1. Micro-Collegiate University – This new program is a great opportunity for the families that are new to the homeschool market due to Covid-19. Families or learning groups can enroll directly in the Micro-Collegiate Academy to provide high school education for their homeschool students. The program is all-inclusive, providing curriculum, instruction, and support. With the independent option, families can determine their preferred schedules and sequencing for the course. There is currently a 50% discount.October 12.

2. Courses on Demand – Our courses may be purchased individually, may be taken at any time, and are self-paced. The 3-hour college-credit courses are transcribed through our regionally accredited university partners, which makes the credits for the courses highly transferable. Taking our courses allows a student to earn college credit while still in high school. The Courses on Demand are $67 per credit hour

3. YC Academy – This program is a partnership between York College (regionally accredited) and TEL. The program allows high school students to complete an Associate’s in Arts degree by the time they graduate. The all-inclusive associate’s degree is $4000.