Group Affiliation Information and Application for
Homeschool Oklahoma


HSOK’s desire is to support all homeschoolers throughout the State of Oklahoma. However, because of the rapid growth of homeschooling in the state and the many diverse philosophies among these homeschoolers, we understand that we cannot possibly develop a close relationship directly with every family. Therefore, HSOK hopes to use the affiliation process to identify groups that share our homeschooling philosophy as expressed in our Vision and Mission Statements and develop close, working relationships with the members, and particularly the leadership, of these groups.

By designating affiliated groups and resources, HSOK hopes to identify homeschooling families in those organizations that share our vision and mission. We further hope to identify those groups who desire to develop close, working relationships with other like-minded organizations throughout the state to pursue the goal of furthering Christ-centered homeschooling in Oklahoma.

Vision Statement: To advance Christ-centered home education* as the standard in Oklahoma by serving the needs and protecting the rights of current and future home educators.

Mission Statement: To promote home education* in the state of Oklahoma through events, communications, and resources; to protect the God-given right of parents to direct the education of their children to the glory of God.

*HSOK defines the terms ‘home education,’ ‘homeschooling,’ and ‘home-schooling’ exclusively as the privately-funded, parent-directed education and discipleship of children by their own parents or guardians. Government-funded school-at-home programs (Epic, K12, etc.), administrated by public school systems, are ‘public education’ and not considered by HSOK and Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) to constitute ‘homeschooling’ or ‘home education.’


  1. All core leadership must sign the HSOK statement of faith.
  2. Group leadership must maintain privately-funded, parent-directed home education and discipleship of their children. This preserves our state constitutional right to educate our children by other means.
    • Leaders with students enrolled in any form of public school, be it virtual, charter, or brick-and-mortar, will automatically exempt a group from affiliation unless there is a logical reason to make an exception.
  3. Leadership signatures and contact information must be updated annually.


  1. Group listing on the HSOK website
  2. Resources: established policies for resolving conflict, a standard of conduct, and recommendations for setting up a homeschool group.
  3. Link to group website from
  4. Homeschool Oklahoma Home Educators’ Handbook ebook at no charge, upon request, as soon as updates are finished
  5. HSOK trustees available to speak at group meetings for no charge
  6. Invitation to Leaders’ Luncheon at the HSOK Conferences
  7. Discount code for HSLDA membership
  8. Group leadership may submit nominations for potential trustees
  9. A central organization to share ideas and resources and receive help in meeting the needs of families in your group
  10. Associating with like-minded leaders and individual families who share a common purpose and educational philosophy
Affiliate Registration for Groups
With this application, we are submitting a list of Support Group leaders. I understand that each Group Leader must agree with Homeschool Oklahoma's Statement of Faith and affirm that their children are not enrolled in any form of public school before the group will be reviewed for Affiliation. We further understand that HSOK reserves the right to refuse any group that does not share goals consistent with the purposes of HSOK to promote, protect, equip, and encourage Oklahoma's Homeschooling Families. Either party may cancel affiliation upon written notice.