PHONE: (405) 810-0386

Homeschool Oklahoma (OCHEC)
5830 NW Expressway #314
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

When Contacting HSOK By Phone

Homeschool Oklahoma’s phone team is staffed by volunteers who are home educating children of their own. When you call, please allow 24 hours for a return call. Calls not placed in the appropriate mailbox may take longer to be answered.

Phone Menu Options:

  • 1 for details about HSOK
  • 2 for info about the Handbook
  • 3 for info about Convention
  • 4 for info about Capitol Day
  • 8 to leave a message re any other subjects
  • HSOK has a virtual office and a part-time staff member who returns calls and emails a few days each week.

When Contacting HSOK By Email

Please email Remember that the response comes from volunteers who are home educating their own children. Please allow at least 24 hours for a return email.

If you are beginning homeschooling and need help getting started, we recommend reading through the information on our website and then emailing specific questions.