Paul and Valerie Rose of Tulsa were married in 1987 and homeschooled their 6 children from their toddler years through highschool.  Over the years, they have used a variety of techniques, curriculums, and coops for a rich and rewarding experience and have met many wonderful friends in the home-school community along the way. In addition to running a generous and hospitable home, Valerie has served as co-op leader, homeschool event planner, and was a Support Manager and Downtown Campus Director for Classical Conversations.  Paul owns his own architecture and engineering firm where he practices as an architectural and structural engineer.  They have been members of First United Methodist Tulsa since they were married, but like to visit other churches to worship with friends, too.  After serving on the Tulsa OCHEC Convention Committee, the Roses joined the Trustee Board in 2011. The Roses are known for large family-oriented gatherings at their midtown home with a warm fire to gather around, good food, fun games, and interesting conversations into the late hours.  Their home-school adventure has blessed them with children who have a wide variety of interests, gifts, and passions and kept them close as a family.

Brad & Julie McIntosh of Porter have been married since 1994 and have four children. They have homeschooled two children through high school who are now in college. They have two children still homeschooling in junior high and high school. They are active leaders in their local support group and are part of a Classical Conversations campus. Brad and Julie are both family physicians. Brad is in a three-man Christian private practice, and Julie is the Medical Director at the Muskogee County Health Department. They also enjoy teaching and serving in their local church, outdoor activities, and travel.

Kevin and Kathy Collins were married in 1992 and have 2 children. were married in 1992 and have 2 children, Sierra and Noah. Kathy left her career as a private school teacher in 1999 when their first child was born and began homeschooling in 2003. They are active in the homeschool group in Lawton. Kevin serves as an elder of their church, Legacy Faith and Family, after being a youth pastor for 15 years.  Over the years, God has used Kevin’s experience with youth and Kathy’s teaching experience to grant them wisdom, teach them perseverance, and guide them on their path of homeschooling. They enjoy entertaining in their home, whether it be adults or a house full of teens. They count it a blessing to serve on the board of trustees and get to know and support homeschoolers across the state.

Jonathan and Christa Bartlett met in high school and have been married since 1998.  They began homeschooling in 2006 and are still teaching their kids at home. They are active in their local homeschooling community, acting as directors for Classical Conversations, helping create events with HSOK and Ignite Education, encouraging and educating homeschooling parents, and developing homeschool-focused curricula in science, math, and computer programming.  They are heavily involved in their local church.  Jon programs and manages Digital Research and Development for Specialized Bicycles.

Steve & Donna Smith are Oklahoma natives and have been lovebirds since the late 90s! They started this weird homeschool experiment in 2006 with their guinea pig (firstborn child), and even with all its ups and downs, it has been a true blessing. They are passionate about protecting the rights of homeschoolers and love encouraging others to keep pressing on in this crazy journey. Most important to them is loving Jesus, each other, and their four amazing children.

Jason & Betsa Delgado Jason and Betsa Delgado were high school sweethearts and have been married since 2003. They are the proud parents of two beautiful girls. Bella is a senior this year and Daniela is in 7th grade. They began homeschooling as a temporary solution for their oldest, but homeschooling has transformed this family. They are active in their local homeschool community and are passionate about encouraging others on this same homeschool journey. They are also heavily involved in their church serving as children’s church leaders and worship leaders. It is their great privilege to serve the home school families of Oklahoma.

Jim & Renee Vasher  are passionate about encouraging families who have chosen to home educate their children. They have been married for over 30 years and have four adult children and an amazing daughter-in-law. Life’s adventures has offered the Vasher family the opportunity to live and homeschool in several states before settling in Oklahoma. They have been fortunate to be involved with mission work and non-profit work over the years. Renee has also severed in a number of leadership positions with support groups and co-ops in several states. Together, Jim and Renee own a consulting business which works to mentor businesses and homeschool families to meet their goals and be successful.

Previous Board Members

  • Marcus and Lois Hulings (2000-2018)
  • Dan and Dana Wilson (2003-2018)