HSOK (formally, OCHEC) began in 1982 as a family ministry of George and Becky Gardner. Their prayerful goals were to develop an effective support organization directed by Christian leaders and to serve and help anyone who strongly desired to teach his or her children at home.

In 2000, OCHEC incorporated with a name change from [Oklahoma Central Home Educators’ Consociation] to [Oklahoma Christian Home Educators’ Consociation, Inc.] In 2001, non-profit, 501(c)(3) status was granted by the IRS. Under IRS rules, contributions are tax-deductible.

In 2019, OCHEC, Inc began doing business as Homeschool Oklahoma (HSOK), making the name of the organization more easily recognizable as an advocate for home education. HSOK, Oklahoma’s Christian Home Educators Community, serves all homeschoolers in our state.

Homeschool Oklahoma is directed by a board of trustees, comprised of homeschooling couples who agree with HSOK’s statement of faith. They serve a three-year term.

An advisory board, comprised of representatives from each affiliated homeschool support group, provides communication between HSOK and homeschoolers around the state concerning the activities and decisions of HSOK.

Homeschool Oklahoma depends upon the volunteer efforts of the homeschool community and greatly appreciates your volunteer hours, donations, membership, and prayers.