A consociation is “a union of individual units that cooperate for a common purpose.” This corporation is a union of home educating families and friends who cooperate for the common purpose of encouraging each other in the endeavors of faithfully training and educating their children at home. We believe that parents who have chosen this educational alternative are accountable to discharge these duties in an honorable and responsible manner to the attaining of educational excellence and good citizenship. We further believe that with parents rests the sole responsibility for the care, training, and education of children (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9). Authority for such training can be delegated to other forms of education; however, the ultimate responsibility for this education remains with the parent.

We believe that the government, at all levels, should respect the right of parents to choose the academic alternative of home education. We also support the American political process and believe it is in our best interests to cooperate with our government insofar as it promotes good and punishes evil and protects its citizens from harm, both from within and without its borders (Romans 13: 1-7 and Proverbs 24: 21,22).

From Article I of the HSOK By-laws.